«Unseelie Times» is a web comic, illustrated storybook about hard and dangerous time that has come after our old familiar world kicked the bucket.

The author is not indifferent to readers’ ideas — the world of comic is flexible and it always have a place for creative and witty suggestions. Do not doubt that your thoughts and suggestions can be embodied in our history —  feel free to comment, post or make some fanart so your fantasy could become a part of Unseelie Times comic.

I upgrade comic every week and when i don’t need to make some $$$ for living. If you want to see updates more frequently (and boost up author’s ego) you can become a patron on this Patreon, the author will be flattered, grateful and stimulated.


Author — Maria Ponomareva  ( http://www.braderunner.net/ )

Russian to English translation — Kirill Polivko